All Balls

All Balls

Short Stay

Seen the movie "Up" ? well, if you have then you know the main character in the movie is a dog named....Doug.

Meet Doug

He is a one and half year old Beagle/Bassett Hound mix.....a Bagel if you will....

He was our latest foster furbaby. What a gem. He was a owner surrender and we had him less than 10 days. He is such a sweet fellow and of course immediately fit right in with the rest of our family.


On his first trip to the weekly adoption event, he was adopted. He hit the gold mine. A bus load of high school volleyball girls, in town for a tournament, picked Petsmart to "kill time" before the next game. Of course, the girls immediately took over all the adoptable dogs. Doug and his future family soon became fast friends. Kristiana could not get enough of Doug and vice versa. She called her mom, her dad, she begged, she pleaded...she had to have this dog. Her mom was also in town with the team and within an hour - Doug was on his way to his new home.
He now has 5 human siblings and 6 fur siblings. Currently living on 60 acres, but in a month - he and his BIG family are headed to Colorado to live......

Doug and Kristiana

Happy life buddy !!

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