All Balls

All Balls

The Sound of Music

Gary P Nunn - Texas music singer, songwriter and legend in his own time. We have found a new - can't wait to go back too, place. The Live Oak, check it out here. This was once a Lions Club building and Wheatie actually had his high school senior prom here (years and years and years ago) Awesome music venue !

 Front row seats
 Upclose and personal
Saturday we were invited down to Elmott, Texas to the Christmas program at Heritage Homestead, a religious community where one of Gary's cousin lives.
Great dinner with family and new found friends.
The Christmas concert was breath taking!!! These are some amazing people, their love for God and family is one to be jealous of.
I felt so loved and important
Thanks Curtis for an UH-AMZAING evening !!
After the program, we were invited out to the lawn of the church for cookies and hot apple cider.
Monday night we made out third trip to the Bass Hall to see
Michael Martin Murphy.
We are making this an annual Christmas must see.
a cold brew to start the evening

MMM is best know for his song WILDFIRE
This is a TRUE cowboy who loves people, his country, his horses, his family, his friends and most of all his GOD.
Amazing concert !!

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