All Balls

All Balls


ESPN Game day has been to Fort Worth three times. Wheatie and I have made them all. This time, after catching the final broadcast of the day - we hopped on over the Del Frisco Grille. This is an off spring of the restaurant and in the very exclusive Sundance Square of downtown Fort Worth.

Wheatie had on his Texas jacket on and while we were waiting for our table, we were told (at least 6 times by different people) Mack Brown (former head football coach of THE University of Texas) was sitting at a table upstairs. We did not however get a chance to see him, but he was in the house....

The "grille" is still very upscale restaurant and not a normal place Wheatie and I would eat, but the food was great, the atmosphere inviting, the waiter was at the top of his class. My only complaint, the hostesses at the front....rude and snotty.

I ordered the Shaved Prime rib sandwich with parmesan cheese fries.

You get your own ketchup bottle, how cool is that

We both had an Angry bird hard cider with a shot of fireball whiskey....yum, yum.

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