All Balls

All Balls

Time for Prayer

Wheatie and I recently watched the movie War Room. To be honest, I had NO IDEA what the movie was about. Hadn't heard anything about it, actually thought it was the newest movie with Tom Hanks.

Boy was I wrong !! It was an UH-AMAZING movie. So, that being said, I created my own little WAR (corner) ROOM. It is the room that has been and still is considered my grand angels playroom. It has a vibe to it and I am really enjoying my time in there. I am not quiet up to the level of the characters in the movie, but its a start and a very special part of my world.

 My little corner...

Even my furbabies like to spend time in the corner with me !!


  1. LOVE it!!! It looks like you have just what you need to go to war :)