All Balls

All Balls

March Madness

Going to visit with Corey in March is kinda of a big deal. We always get to celebrate Wheatie, aka POPS and Annabelle's birthday's, not to mention I get to be with my family. This year, Chad and family joined us so it was EXTRA EXTRA special to have everyone together. It;s a rare thing for me and Wheatie......

Good times, birthday celebration, visits to Washington D.C., great food and lots of love........I am a lucky Boo !!
Crazy car and crazy kids

Barbie is the love of this little girl....

everyone joins in to build a room

Smithsonian Air and Space

and the Natural

Even got to see the Hope Diamond

and Pizza to finish off the day

Saturday was low keyed - so we took in a movie - Zootopia 

We are lucky people to have such an amazing family !!
Love these guys to the moon and back.........

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