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All Balls

Foster Failure

In the last two and half years, Wheatie and I have fostered 17 dogs. It is one of the most rewarding things we have done. We have saved these dogs from being on the street, being in shelters or being euthanized because the shelters were full. We have seen them all find loving, safe homes. I keep in touch with many of the families and have even had the honor to "babysit" my former fosters. I don't think there was one dog that I wouldn't have kept for my own. Dogs from shelters, abandoned by owners, given up on are the most loving dogs in the world. Dogs give unconditional love. I think every child and family benefit from the love of a dog (or cat).

This last foster we received, Coco was rescued from a 100% kill shelter in a neighboring community. She and her mom we found and taken to the shelter.

This is 6 lbs of pure love. She is full of energy and Dude (my little male Chi mix) things she is the bomb. She is a Yorkie/Mini-Pin mix. She has been so much fun and I just couldn't let her go. I think Dude would have been devastated and lost. They do everything together,, eat, sleep

For the first time in 17 dogs, Coco has become a foster failure. She isn't going anywhere. She is now a Wheat and we couldn't be happier (No, really, just ask Wheatie)

Welcome home Coco, welcome home !!

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