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All Balls


Wheatie and I have been in our home for 34 years. When we moved out there, it was a two lane rut road with about 6 other houses. Closest neighbor was 5 acres away. Over the last 8 - 10 years a subdivision has slowly and quickly appeared. WE now have about 50-55 houses across from us and a very nice paved road.  We have stop signs and street lights and LOTS OF TRAFFIC. I know things have to change in the name of progress, but we don't like it. We discovered and were invited to join the neighborhood FB page. WHATTTTTTTTTTT????

Yea, crazy. Then we were invited to the NEIGHBORHOOD CHRISTMAS PARTY ! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt?? yea crazy......

We went. Not knowing one person. The party was within walking distance. Never have we attended a party within walking distance of our home. The NEW neighbors are all young with young families. Very few are native Texans. All transplants, mainly because of jobs. We weren't sure how we would fit in. We were surprisingly pleased. We were welcome with lots of "nice to meet you", "glad we are neighbors", "here if you need anything"....real neighborly like folks. We enjoyed the gathering and while we are sad that the city is catching up to is nice to have a neighbors !!
We even had a visit from Santa...

Invite said to bring a dish and a gift to exchange

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