All Balls

All Balls

Spring is here....a new beginning

Today is the first day of spring.

 It is a sign of new beginnings. I love spring, the flowers (especially purple tulips), budding trees, green grass (even tho I will now spend the weekend mowing)
cool crisp days and the fact that summer is just around the corner!
As I previously posted, my original plan, was to blog, among other things, on my weight loss journey. Weigh in last week came up with a 1.6 lb weight loss! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS...extremely good considering I had a big family weekend and a week long visit with the g-babies. My sweet granddaughter Jaycee picked out JUST DANCE for the Wii...and we had a blast playing it while she was here.
Now, it is my fun exercise. Thirty minutes and I am exhausted. It uses all the muscles, its fun and I can do it in the privacy of my home! It can't hurt, right??
So, back to my original plan.

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