All Balls

All Balls

Put me in coach...

I think "team" sports is a must for the young. Nothing teaches patience, sharing, winning, losing, doing your best, there's no crying, no picking up and pampering by mom or dad or grandma or grandpa. No, "i can't" , "I won't", "leave me alone"...blah blah blah. It's the start to the rest of your life when you get out in the big, bad world, and most of all it exposes you to the love of sports.
Did you know, I LOVE SPORTS !!

This past weekend, my oldest grandson - CODY-man....started T- ball. T-ball is fun as it should be. I talked to Cody after his game and he informed me that he hit 2 homeruns (in t-ball, I think everyone hits a home-run, but don't tell Cody that).  He was so excited and I understand from his proud mom and dad - he did really well. Cody (as well as Jaycee) have that drive and competition in their blood
(maybe a trait from dad....)

This will be an excellent start for Cody into the world of "TEAMS"
..there is no "I" in team.

A lesson we could all stand to learn...

Way to go Cody ! Can't wait to see a game in person!!

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