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All Balls

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Incorporating Color
Linking up today with Kati from for the weekend review.

THE GOOD....2 weddings and a graduation. Sounds like a movie title. I am blessed to have 3 nieces with major milestones in their lives.

Cayla, graduating from college on Friday night. Good Job Girl !
So proud of ya!

Chelsea married Aaron. A very country wedding. Her entrance into the ceremony - the theme from the.....drum roll please....
THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY..priceless!!
Congrats to you both - love you !!

At last, but certainly not the least,
Katie and Jacob tied the knot on Sunday.
Blessing and love to you both!!

THE BAD......Mother's Day was very un-eventful. Hubby had to work. My kiddos were not home and I spent most of the day by myself.

THE of the things I do - that I love - is to volunteer. I think you can't get a greater since of knowing you are doing a good thing than to volunteer your time. I volunteer at both a women's shelter and as of last month have taken on the task of volunteering with an organization that sits with babies and toddlers that are in the hospital - as the result of domestic violence. On Sunday morning, I sat with a 2 year old little boy with a severe brain injury. He was removed from his family last Friday, completely. How UGLY is that - how in the world can anyone beat and abuse a child?
The children's hospital is amazing and wonderful, have the most loving and caring staff I have witnessed. This is a small blessings in the tragic/ugly lives of those little folks.


  1. Sounds like an eventful weekend - thanks for linking up with us! :) So funny that she walked into the theme song from that movie, how much more perfect does it get? :)

  2. So happy to see that you linked up with us! It sounds like a nice weekend, even if your mother's day was a little anticlimactic. I hope you did something fun to treat yourself! :)