All Balls

All Balls
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1.     This is a 2 day work week for me..I could get use to this.  
2.    – 5.  The rest of my H 5 4Friday is all about last weekend. My side of the family (which is 3 brothers and families) since the death of my mom 7 years ago, have been getting together as a sort of “family re-union or better known as ALL BALLS”(long story)
We do it the weekend after father’s day.  We started out at my house, and each year have designated a different place to meet. We have family time, eat, play games, eat, sleep, visit, hang out by the pool, eat, shop, play golf, eat.
This year we were down in Sequin, Texas. It was extra special for me because I had all my little chicks in my BOO BASKET.......

Men, Men, Men, Manly man, man

The "girls" poolside

Jaycee and Annabelle in their new "skirts" - what beauties!!

Jaxson, Pops and Annabelle

Tio Chad and Miss Belle

Uh, excuse me, sir........
Jaxson and Cody - budding pool cousins

Cayla and Cody - June birthdays !

Tio/Dad Corey entertain a boat full !

OH, Pool boy........

The "weiner" award - Bill awards it to Gary - this is not an easy award to achieve (as I am sure you can tell by the title).....this is my husband's second time...Hmmmmm !

The "All Balls" award. The golf game started out as BOYS only, (hence the name ALL BALLS came about) But Cayla has "manned" up to the challenge and is the only girl to play( 2 years in a row now!). This year she captured the award. Way to go girl!
I was awarded the girls version - The WINER award !Thanks Robyn for selecting me !!
And last but not least award, THE FAMILY PLATE. We made this several years ago and it is passed from family to family. It has all our thumbprints on it from that year (2010). It is very special. Rene' passed it to Robyn for the Corey Wheat house to honor for a year.

Of course, it wouldn't be complete if we didn't squeeze in our annual
family portrait!
Love me some family!

And the weekend draws to a close
The whole gang

Have a great FRIDAY ya’ll


  1. I hadn't stopped by for a while... like the new pick...and it sounds like your weekend with your family was fantastic.... kind of jealous!

    Congrats to a girl for winning the ALL BALLS prize... that's hilarious.

    1. Thanks Sally for dropping by! It's always fun at ALL BALLS!