All Balls

All Balls
I have a full time job and I try to write something, anything on my blog....2 - 3 times a I can't seem to stop looking a Pinterest. I have "pinned" and "liked" a bjillion, trillion things. Some I have actually done, or made or whatever.....but still I look - everyday - several times a day...

These are my latest finds.....but only a few...I have many, many, MORE!!

Is this cool or what? I read yesterday that the current freshman in college have no use for a RADIO - they know what a BOOMBOX was or is????

 This is cool..I don't have a medicine cabinet in my bathrooms...but might be a cause to put one in!!

I have a "few" purses!!

Too cute!!

What a great idea for right next to the door!!

 A classic - love it !!

Must stop...must stop......back to work !!

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  1. I have a medicine cabinet!!! hmmmmmm these are some great finds!