All Balls

All Balls
 Linking up today...

FINALLY...a weekend with my hubby! This is the hardest working man I know and I love him. He has worked the last 3 weekends and in those 3 weeks, been out of town twice! I have missed him and was so glad to get a whole 2 days with him.

Friday night we headed down to Magnolia St. This is in the older/hospital part of the city. They are slowly reviltalizing it and have added a number of new restaurants. So we decided we would "stroll" down the Magnolia and see where it led us.  Mother nature had a difference of opinion. It hasn't rained here in weeks, till Friday night. I am not talking about a summer shower either,  I am talking a FROG STRANGLER!!!! We did manage to find a parking place and started out at MAMMA MIA's... a little Italian/pizza place. It was very quaint and quiet and made for a much needed relaxing dinner. Mamma Mia Italian Grill & Pizza 36429325 1000034908
The rain stopped enough after dinner that we walked a few blocks and ended up at SHAW'S.
for a little music, a little sports watching, and a drink or two. Very relaxing...
Then we met up with friends at BUTTON'S 

had a couple more drinks, headed to CHUBBY'S

 for our last stop, finishing up with one of our favorite musicians and good friend Randy Brown.

Saturday - we hung out most of the, did those infamous "honey-do's" around the house. Saturday night we made our way over the RAILHEAD BAR B Q
My brother and his wife joined us. Great bar b q , good fmily time and great music to boot. 3Foolson3Stools

.....also good friends of ours. They are entertaining and we had a BLAST !

It was a great weekend.....but it is Monday and it is back to reality!!

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  1. Nothing like a sweet night out with your bestie!