All Balls

All Balls
Lucky 3

It is unusual that I get a date night with Wheatie very often, let alone 3 in the same weekend! He was actually off Friday night and Saturday and Sunday. This is rare unless he makes a request - and if he does that - then it means we have some sort of pre-arranged plans. This was a surprise.

Friday night - we went to eat at what is now one of our favorite places. The Weatherford Downtown Cafe. It is a small place, but the food is to die for. Wheatie got a sea bass with a jalapeno sauce and I got a grilled pork chop. WONDERFUL ! Then we headed to the movies - to see ALEX CROSS. Now, I am not much of a reader, but WHEATIE - the man reads all the time and he is a big James Patterson fan. The movie was good and according to him - not bad - as far as following the book. Of course, there were things that were changed and left out and modified - but then aren't all movies that come from books?? I had a hard time watching the "fight" scenes. I just don't like it. But, all in all...for a date night movie - it rocked!!

Saturday - we slept in (which for me - if I sleep past 6am - it's late - but I actually slept till 8 - probably had something to do with the drugs I am on for my back ) and in the afternoon we went to Six Flags and FRIGHT FEST. I know what you must be thinking - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We have season tickets and so it is no big deal. But let me tell you, I think every teenager within a 200 miles radius was there. It was AWFUL - so crowded, we only rode one ride - and for that we stood in line 2 hours!! We did make all the haunted houses - and they were pretty good. One you had to wear 3D glasses - fun, fun, fun! Of course, it is kinda of hard to see what is coming when you are hiding behind you husband. In the first one we went in, there was a group of 3 - young "kids"...that didn't want to walk. The older of the 3 - a girl - told the other 2, younger ones...."let's let the OLD people go in front of us!" WHAT THE WHAT?? OLD PEOPLE...I was so insulted. And as if calling us OLD wasn't bad enough, she kept saying "it's ok, the OLD people will get scared first. it's ok, the scary people will jump out at the OLD people first!" Finally..I had enough and told her to stop calling us the OLD or I was going to make them go in front!!

Sunday - we went to out to our favorite winery - The Lightcatcher Winery - along with my boss (smooze smooze) and enjoyed an afternoon of wine tasting, hors d'oeuvre, cigars and jazz. It was so relaxing and since we picked up the whole tab - major points with the boss man!!!

How was your weekend??

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  1. I would've hated the haunted houses... but your Sunday night sounds like a great time!