All Balls

All Balls

Several months ago I gave my niece my entertainment center and donated my TV center to charity. It was time for a change. I looked, thought I would buy a "vintage" piece and restore it (I mean, what some people consider "vintage" - is just plain OLD....and they want an arm and leg for it.)
So I opted to look elsewhere - and found something at WALLY WORLD - online - go figure. The piece was not exactly what I was looking for - but close and I will make it work.

Wheatie mounted the TV on the wall and hid all the cords in the wall. LOVE THIS...but for the last several weeks this is what it has looked like.

I ordered a credenza - and when it arrived (in a flat, heavy box)
and Wheatie started to put it together - this is what it looked like.

(needless to say - he was not a happy camper)

And so it began:

Bought some new nick-nacks, pictures, took down some things, re-purposed a few
 and waaa-laa -
Finished wall...very pleased
and Wheatie - as always - did an outstanding job - thanks honey !!


  1. Love it! Good job, Fairy Gary. :)

  2. The credenza looks adorable and I love the wall decor too! Great taste!