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All Balls

A New Home

Wheatie and I have been talking for sometime that once I retire - we wanted to move a little further south - maybe even the coast. In March, we went to Rockport, TX and checked it out. We immediately fell in the love with the town and the location. After alot of discussion, we decided, for the time being, we would move our camper down there to a RV park and leave it for a couple of months. Spend some true time in the town and learn a little more before taking such a big step.

Chad and the kids met us down there and we had such a GREAT weekend.......

We got the camper moved new it's "new" home

Rockport was having their annual arts feastival and even tho it was sooooooo hot, we braved it and enjoyed. The kids found the KID ZONE right off!!

We ate out, we ate in and of course visited the beach......

We will be visiting the "new home" several times the next couple of months and see where it takes us........

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  1. woohoo! When we finally get to winter away in Galveston (which we have been dreaming about since 2000), we will be closer to you guys! Love ya! Chris