All Balls

All Balls


Pretty much for the last 2 - 2 1/2 months these four walls and the TV have been world. Back surgery is not fun, I knew it would be hard, but had no idea. Other than a visit from my kiddos, grand angels, family and my high school reunion, in June, I haven't been ANYWHERE !

Then to add to it, we have had some household emergencies that meant any time Gary was off, he was working hard to get things repaired.

Two weeks ago I saw the surgeon and he was thrilled with my progress. I started physical therapy and was told I could begin to "wean" myself off my back brace. That being said.....this week on Gary's day off, we decided to do "something", "anything" we did a day of not worrying about calories, exercise, honey do's,or  responsibilities !!!

We started our day out with the only good way to start any day is breakfast at Ole South Pancake house......yum yum

Then we decided to do a "touristy" thing. We went to visit the federal treasury - The Mint...where money is made. Very cool......only 2 places in the USA that money is made....Washington, D.C. and right here in Fort Worth, Texas. The tour is free and there was that smell of "new money" everywhere. !

Then we just kinda of drove and decided we would do whatever we found along the way. First stop, Costco.
We always like to find new and different places to eat - today we we found Deb and Steve' was so you can see - I ate the whole thing!!

As we made our way back west heading home, we stopped at a Goodwill store. We love to browse and almost always find "something" that we must have. We had made a donation earlier in the day and now we stop to add more "stuff" to our house....
Our next stop was Academy....Gary insisted....

Our last stop was at Braums for some cool, refresing ice cream.....
It was a full day, waaaaay better than looking at the same walls and TV


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad you are doing well.

    I've been to Braum's a couple of times over the years when I've been in OK. It was so good!

  2. What a fun day! I could have tagged along and have been perfectly content with everything you did, right up my alley.

    Glad you're able to get around and are recovering so nicely.
    OH, BTW, love seeing anything in my hometown of Ft. Worth!