All Balls

All Balls

This is the way we go to school, go to school, go to school......

Another school year - for me and my 4 grandangels. I am begining my 26th year. Typically the first day of school for me is ALOT of phone calls from - ummmmm - PARENTS that I wonder how they get up in the morning and start their day. Parents that call our security at 3AM in the morning asking about where their child cathes the bus. Parents that call and asking WHICH school their child should attend.  Parents that wait until TODAY to find out their kids needs immunizations. Parents that call me and want to know what is on the lunch at their child's school. Parents that call because they can't get their 1st grader out of bed, they would like for someone to come and help. Parents that don't know today is the first day of school...........I could go on and on and on....but I won't - wait - my phone is ringing now.

On a MUCH, MUCH brighter note - MY GRANDANGELS -  are all in school.

Jaycee - my oldest princess begins her day today as a 5th grader - hard to believe she is growing up so fast.

Cody - my oldest prince begins his day as a 3rd grader - his teachers better look out - Cody can outsmart the smartest !!

Jaxson, my youngest prince, began his school year last week - a 1st grader - he is another that can outsmart the teacher........

And last - but never, ever the least - my youngest princess - Annabelle - the pre schooler!!

Here's to a GREAT school year to cutest, smartest, GRANDANGELS in the world !!
Boo and Pops love you !!



  1. I love the one where the parent wants help to get her child out of bed. Guess you can tell who runs the show in that house!

    Enjoy your new school year!

  2. What?! People are ridiculous...I mean seriously? Man, you have some cute grandangels! :)