All Balls

All Balls
Happies and Crappies Friday Link UpDoing a link-up again this week......


Have walked at least 2 miles everyday this week before work.

Back to eating better - not the best - but better.

Got thru the first week of school.

My cleaning lady came yesterday - my house looks and smells WONDERFUL !!

Made peach cobbler for my co-workers today

Three day weekend !!

Paid of my camper trailer this month!!! YAY (now what can I buy)

College football starts tomorrow - Hook 'Em Horns!!


So tired this week - first week of school

Hunting season is upon - lots of lonely weekends to come

Must mow this weekend....even tho most of the grass is dead from this HOT weather - it has to be mowed

Didn't lose any weight (but didn't gain any either)

How was your week -
 or CRAPPIES in your world ???


  1. Congrats on walking every day before work! That takes A LOT of motivation! That is awesome that you paid off your trailer! My father in law owns a rv/campground park and my husband and I have a trailer of ours rented out right now, so it's nice getting extra income! We are always looking for used campers to buy though! One day we want to get our own really fancy one & take our little girl on some awesome adventures! Don't get discouraged on not losing weight, you are probably losing inches!!!

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  2. I think more happies for me this week!
    Enjoy your weekend.