All Balls

All Balls

16, 22, 45...Hut Hut !!

It's that time season - I LOVE FOOTBALL - college and pros. I whole heartily support The University of  Texas Longhorns and da boys - the Dallas Cowboys.

Football - in Texas - is THE thing to do!!! I didn't grow up watching football - I think it just comes naturally to me. I attended my high school games, We (because Wheatie and I were married) attended UT games, my boys played starting at a young age (and continue to be the "arm chair quarterback" and love the game) we have been to pro games......FOOTBALL - it is GRAND.

Every year, I outfit all my kids and grandangels with the appropriate shirts.....UT and Cowboys. It's just one of those things.....

This year Wheatie and I hope to make some Aledo home games. Haven't been able to do that in many years and it will be good to get back to high school football. Might even venture into 6 man football......

College started this past weekend and the Longhorns opened up a can of WHOOP A** on the New Mexico State. In two weeks - we are traveling to Austin to tailgate with 50,000 of our closet friends.

The Dallas Cowboys open up their season against the NY Giants, at home on Sunday. Statistics are not good that they will win ( they have lost all 4 home games against the Giants) but HEY (as Si would say) there is a first time for everything.

So - game face ON......let's get ready for some football.

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