All Balls

All Balls

It's been too long partner....

Headed south this past weekend to Austin to tailgate. Chad and his kiddos meet us along with my nephew David.
In December 1976, we left Austin,, (THE University of Texas) was complete and it was time to move back home. While in Austin, we made some amazing friends. There were 4 couples and we did so much together. WE had some great times - and the stories we could tell....but we won't.
Thanks to the social media Facebook - one of those couples, Pat and Steve Sims, found us and we reconnected. How freakin cool is that.....37years later and we find each other.
We made plans to meetup. Turns our their tailgate site is less than 100 yards from ours. All this time, we were so close, yet so far away.
It was like we never had been apart. WE started right where we left off, with a few additions. WE are all grandparents now, ONE of us is retired (lucky Pat) and the rest are getting close. It was so good to see them and look forward to staying connected. Austin and Aledo are only 3 hours apart....too close not to stay connected
We had so much fun with Chad, the kids and David. No trip anywhere near Austin would be complete without a stop by the bestest cupcake in the whole world,

Good times, family, friends, football,
pizza and beer......
enough said

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  1. Fun story! They were so close to your tailgating spot... crazy! Glad you were able to reconnect with friends.