All Balls

All Balls

HEALTH ~ post back surgery and I feel AWESOME !! Much thanks to an amazing surgeon, Dr. Anthony Lee.......

HUSBAND ~ I have the bestest best friend and husband in the world. He is my rock and my foundation

KIDS ~ not only my wonderful sons, an amazing daughter-n-law and the most adorable GRANDANGELS - EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

FAMILY~ always good to have back-up in case of crisis

JOB ~ so many are struggling and even tho somedays I could SCREAM...I have a job !!

GEL NAILS ~ I think I have finally found something that works for them!

COFFEE ~ where I get my morning strength

WINE ~ where I get my evening delight

FURBABIES ~ life is no good without your furbabies - mine are so cute!!

IPHONE/IPAD ~ it's true - I'm addicted..the younger generation have no idea how easy it is!

PINTEREST ~ this girl is in love

SCARFS ~ I only wish I could wear them 365 days years a day !

There is so much to be thankful for ~ too many to list

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