All Balls

All Balls

Sundance Square Plaza

Cowtown is going glam....sorta of - it is improving it's downtown area and I must say I like it !! WE WILL ALWAYS BE's what makes us FORT WORTH...but it never hurts to put on a new coat of paint now and then...

Saturday night Wheatie and I ventured down to see what it is all about...they are not quiet done - but Nov.1 was the GRAND opening....and I was impressed.

These umbrellas change color

A live main stage and new building

Dancing water

me and my Wheatie

Lots of peeps

Del Frisco Grill - a hopping place

a look up thru the umbrellas

The Marine Ball was in town - these fine young marines allowed me to take their pic - I also shook their hands and thanked them !!

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