All Balls

All Balls

Hot Chili Days and Cool Mountain Nights

Our second year to travel to New Mexico for Larry Joe Taylor's Hot Chili Nights and Cool Mountain Days....can I say, I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS!! This girl could live there all year loooong !!

How cool to travel to famous Route 66....

Only in Mexico do you yield to a "herd" of asses.......

Home away from home........

Thursday night lineup
Richard Leigh, Larry Joe Taylor, Davin James and Keith Sykes

Friday morning
Music on the mountain with Keith Sykes and Richard Leigh

Saturday day fun with my favs Prophets and Outlaws
and the Tejas Brothers....

It wouldn't be camp without a fire....
Dude and I enjoyed curling up in a blanket

I loved my trip, but there is nothing like coming home.......TEXAS is the best place to be

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