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All Balls

Jellystone - Canyon Lake

Spent the weekend at one of #Jellystones Camping Parks, this one in Canyon Lake. Jaycee and Cody joined us while mom and dad were off to a Ryan Bingham concert...

The park was nice, well kept and list of things to do. Most cost extra money, but the fees were reasonable. I was not blown away by the park itself. The "water park" consisted of a pool with 2 slides. We did have a good time tho and anytime I can be with my grand angles, its a GREAT TIME.

Dude was not feeling his best, so he got to go too...he was Wheatie's wingman
(with his baby Tweety in tow)

This is what a 13 year old does at the pool......
Cody was on the king of the slide.....

Cody did convince Jaycee into a game of tag on the giant bouncing ball

games inside and Dude is loving him some Cody

On the hunt, laser tag.....where's Jennifer??

nothing like your own movie theater to rest and relax....

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