All Balls

All Balls


To me being a Texan means talking with a southern twang.

It means Sunday morning spent in a church pew, then Sunday afternoons spent having lunch with family.

It’s bird huntin first weekend in September.
It's bow hunting in October,
and rifle hunting in November and December.

It's days spent at the county fairs in the fall.

It's Friday Night Lights.

It's tailgatin Saturdays.

It's cattle, horses and cowdogs.

It's the State Fair in October, and the Houston Livestock Show in March.

It's Warrenton twice a year, and Canton every first Monday.
It’s playin sports (football) as soon as your old enough to walk

It's FFA all through high school, and 4H as soon as you're old enough to show.

It's Blue Bell ice cream and Dr. Pepper.
It’s grandmas peach cobbler
It’s boots, all year long

It's rattlesnakes and armadillos.

It's George Strait, Miranda Lambert, and Willie Nelson.

It's small towns where everyone knows everyone else.

It's honkytonks and dancehalls.

It's Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes.

It's rodeos and barbecue.

It's families and friends.

Being a Texan means everything to me. And sure, maybe not everyone one sees it this way, but I do. This is my Texas. And I have to say, my Texas is pretty great.

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  1. Well, according to my husband, I am still on probation - even tho it has been 13 years. I guess I will always be an Arkansan at heart, but I do love Texas.