All Balls

All Balls

Linking up today...and it is hard to believe it is MONDAY already! Geezz...I say let's have a 2 day work week and a 5 day weekend...but, still make the same $$

My weekend was not too exciting. Hubby worked and so I pretty much just hung out at the house with my "girls"
There are 3 of them....Sam (Samantha) on the left - she is the same color as the couch. Cappy, my "little" girl and Solo....she is a brown. This is pretty much what they do in the house. It's a tough life, but somebody has to sleep...

Friday night, hubby was off so we went out to dinner. We decided to try a new place in the town of Weatherford. I won't mention any names, because we left before we were seated. We both felt a weird vibe the minute we walked in. We were asked to wait at the bar - while she seated her 7pm reservations. (there was not one person "waiting".) we sat down at the bar. Very uncomfortable, very ...I can't describe it. So we decided to look at the menu...OMG.....are you getting me? I thought I would die....the dinner prices were something you would expect to pay at a VERY HIGH DOLLAR restaurant...not this place... WE LEFT. Then we looked across the square and noticed that the WEATHERFORD DOWNTOWN CAFE was open.
Been here for years, and under new ownership in the last year. So we headed over there.....all I can say is YUMMY. Even tho they were busy (I am sure the other folks started out at the other place too) We were seated right away. The food was AWESOME, the staff fantastic, and the prices were incredible. We will be returning - FUR SURE!!

Saturday, was the usual. Laundry, house cleaning, watching TV( the idiot box as my daughter in law refers to it), playing Word With Friends, Pinterest and Etsy on the "puter"........

Saturday night we met up with the local chapter of the TEXAS EXES at a watching party for our Longhorns as they whooped up on OLE MISS 66-31.

Sunday was a lazy day for sure. The weather was cloudy - reasonably cool - for Texas. And then POW - it's MONDAY all over again

How was your weekend?

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  1. girl,,,,i want a 2 day work week! let's make it happen. :)

    happy monday!