All Balls

All Balls
Cowboy Up

Friday night, Wheatie, Bill, Diane and myself hit the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. It was fun. I always like the stock show. I love the animals, I love the shopping, I love the people watching and I love the rodeo. Wheatie and I spend a couple of hours touring the grounds before meeting up with the fams for the RO DAY O.

We started in the exhibit hall, all the "stuff" you can buy or just put on your wishlist.

One of the favorites is Elsie

and her baby boy Beauregard
he is too freaking cute!!

You can't do the Stock Show without looking at all the animals. We got cows, we got horses, we got sheep, we got goats, we got pigs, we got chickens, WE GOT IT ALL! After all - this is COWTOWN.
Bath time


Black Cows

Brown Cows

Sheeps sporting their finest blankets

A "pink" pig in the children's barnyard

Rodeo time

The Grand Entry

Amazing tribute to our great nation

I have no words

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