All Balls

All Balls
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Linking up today - I know, it's been a week since I blogged...but with good reason....

Two of my grand angels were here last week - the WHOLE week and we were incredibly busy. I have missed reading and writing my blog(s). There is so much catching up to do.

1. GOOD - duh, need you ask.....Jaycee and Cody spent the whole week with us last week and we went non-stop. We did Six Flags, eating, sleeping, Children's Museum (GROSSOLOGY exhibit), movies, puzzles, sleeping, Wii, crafts, sleeping, swimming, ice cream, McDonald's, curly hair, eating, Pump It Up, magic shows, eating, sleeping,IMAX, a quick trip to the dentist (a fall at McDonald's - but all is well) cooking, puppy playing, shopping, eating, sleeping, ......

2. BAD - EXHAUSTED - Oh my gosh, - those two have more engery than me - BUT - I wouldn't trade the week for all the gold in the world !!

3. UGLY - had to return those grandangels to their rightful owners -
MOM and DAD.....
     We were already planning next year before they left..
we have some great ideas!

(sorry - little blurry)

Love you guys - Pops and I had a blast......

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  1. It's so great that you were able to spend so much time with your grandkids! I'm so glad you had fun, but I'm sure you are exhausted!

    Happy Monday!