All Balls

All Balls
TEXAS TUESDAY - linking up today with  Amanda and J
Texas Tuesday is about things TEXAS and is open all Texans and non-Texans (I know you wanna be) So link up and join in the fun.

This past weekend hubby and I made our way to Round Top, Texas, home of the JUNK GYPSIES. Now, if you aren't familiar with these girls, Amie and Jolie - you should check them out. These girls can repurpose, redo, repaint, refix, reclaim, recycle, RE - anything. They have amazing ideas - they are "junkers" from way back ( their momma started them young) Now, they have their own tv show on HGTV and are in the process of building an amazing store and warehouse - in - you guessed it - ROUND TOP, TEXAS.

Check them out here: and here:

We decided to spend the night at the Belle of Round Top B&B. WOW - what a great place and Deborah - our hostess was wonderful. It is a beautiful place, full of warmth and charm. The room was amazing, the hospitality out of this world and the breaksfast to die for. We will be returning in the spring for the gypsy prom. ( I know - sounds AMAAAAAAAAAZING !)

We ate lunch at the Stone Cellar (we dropped the grand angels off to their rightful owners here and sent them on their way) This place has the best pizza. It is a wine cellar, pizza parlor and night time music venue. I recommend this place for SURE!!
The Stone Cellar at Round Top, Round Top, TX      

Then we made out way down the road a piece to look at the JUNK GYPSIES.

Can't  wait for the grand opening.

From there we walked around town for a bit- great little shops with arts, crafts, food and good time feel of a little town.

We went to dinner at the world famous ROYER's Cafe. He has been featured on CBS This Morning among many other media. I know why - the food was so good. You sit "neighbor style"..meaning you sit at a table till its full - whether or not you know the folks. JB, Royer's son was our waiter (and a UT Alumni -helllo - doesn't get any better than this). Hubby and I shared a plate (we had been warned the portion was GNORMOUS) and to save room for pie. So many choices, but we went with the pie was apple with a huge glob of ice cream ( they charge more if you don't get ice cream). We literally rolled out of there.
It was GREAT - if you get the chance - go there and EAT

Next we did a little junk shopping ourselves.
One of the places we visited was - TEXAS TRASH - loved it
Picked up a little Texas trash and hubby won a $100 gift certificate!
I let him spend it all on himself - after all he did the spinning of the wheel!

We made our way to the WINDALE Theater - Been there since the 70's. Shakespeare plays presented by students from UT...and it was great. It is an open barn theater and the play this weekend was "A midnight summers dream". Now, truth be told, I didn't undstand half of what they were saying. "Thee" "Thou" "hath" and who knows what else. I don't think they were from TEXAS. It was interesting and fun and we are all for anything to support the great UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS !

Next we made our way to FESTIVAL HILL. Another of many "arts venue". Apparently this is one that features music venues. Round Top is famous for it's twice a year world wide antique shows and I think alot of the artist and antiquers gather here. 

Sunday before we headed for home, we drove over to LaGrange, Texas and ate at a great little place called
BACK PORCH BAR B Q......hmmm, hmm. Hubby opted for their bake chicken and I had a pulled pork sandmich.
It was some of the best bar-b-q I have ever eaten. $100 Gift Certificate for $40.00

What a great weekend, in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.....

Ya'll come back and visit me, hear....


  1. Round Top is my backyard! We go to antique week every spring and fall, and most of our photo shoots for M are held out at Festival Hill!

    Thanks for linking up, looks like y'all had a great weekend!

    1. Awww shucks, you could have joined us for dinner! I love that part of the country - would move there in a heart beat. You are a lucky girl!
      Thanks for stopping by...


  2. I love your picture at the top of your blog!! I've always wanted to look but haven't. The B&B looks gorgeous. Way to go Hubs for the gift card! I shop on their website all the time :)) love the junk gypsies. Thank you for linking up with us!

  3. Thanks Amanda for stopping by. I love linking up with you girls and all things about TEXAS !

  4. I keep meaning to take a day trip to Round Top! It just sounds so fun. But, I will have to go with a set amount of cash only. Otherwise I am sure I could get into trouble! LOL!

    ***Stopping by from the hop, have a great day!

    1. Glad to decided to hop on over..headed to read your blog now! RT was a blast and I am already planning my visit next spring and hopefully make the Junk Gypsy Prom....


  5. Visiting from the GFC Blog Hop! That B&B looks amazing!