All Balls

All Balls
Its Ok Thursdays

WOW - Thursday - how time flies....linking up today with two of my favorite girls Amber and Neely at up and join the fun....IT's O.K. !!

It's O.K.

that I am hating my job right now

that I am hating my job right now

did I mention that I am hating my job right now(altho thankful to have one)

it's hot - but I KNOW -
it's Texas -
it's gonna be hot in JULY...blah,blah,blah

that I am missing my kids and grand angels

that I am going to drink a big glass of WINE when I get home
- diet or no diet

that I love watching baseball at night instead of doing housework

that I am looking forward to the weekend and going to the

that I don't know all the good stuff about blogging

that I don't have a button or a sponsor or a giveway

that I love everyone elses, buttons and sponsors and giveways

that it is almost FRIDAY - and I can't wait!

that I want to win the giveaway!!!


  1. Your list sounds a lot like what mine would be, had I made one! This is the first time I have found the That's OK!! My sport of choice would be football, but other than that I agree with you!!

    1. Sandie, were it football season, it would be football for sure. I am an BIG sports fan....especially football and baseball. Join in next Thursday and link up. They are fun and a great way to find blogs.
      I'll be over to visit shortly...


  2. Oh my gosh, it's hot here too right now and I HATE it! I know I live in the south but a heat index of 112 is just not okay.

    1. True, but not as bad as last year! Thanks for stopping by..following you, please follow me back! Lobe your blog.

  3. Hi there! Now following you back from City Girl Gone Country!

    I'm in Texas, too, and I know what you mean about this hot weather! Yuck.

  4. Hey there - Congratulations!
    You were nominated for the Sunshine Award - you can read about it on my blog and follow the instructions you find there as what you are to do in order to accept this award.